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  • The Art of streetwear

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    Pierre-Hugues DUBOUT

    With regard to the history of life on Earth, that of streetwear is just beginning

    The streetwear, which can be translated as "What we wear on the street", appeared in the years 80 in New York thanks to the convergence of several styles of music and clothing.
    The emergence of the skate culture, the Californian surf combined with that of hip-hop, is the anchor point of this movement, which is still evolving today.

    Streetwear is thus a form of expression of freedom and creativity that paves the way for a new conception of fashion, combining art and street style.

    The streetwear fashion is characterized by the trivialization of wide rather sportswear clothing and underground accessories such as the CAP or the wearing of sweatshirt and hoodie.

    We can now say that streetwear has become the style where everything is allowed. Creative, daring, sometimes whimsical, it is the most inspired fashion of the moment.

    Quickly, brands wanted to appropriate the streetwear, so they imitated the urban styles, designed clothes that corresponded to the resourceful and scruffy side of the streetwear, but by the same time bringing their touches of creativity.

    Many luxury houses multiply collaborations with brands of Streetwear, a way to break the codes, just as Louis Vuitton has collaborated with the great brand of streetwear Supreme.

    But still Moncler with the brand OFF-White the label of Virgil Abloh, in order to revisit the famous jackets of Moncler.

    Streetwear at Paradisien, between nature & concrete

    At Paradisien we were going to the streetwear universe and its underground codes to travel and discover our world.

    We propose an uncomplexed streetwear between concrete and nature that conveys strong and positive values. A streetwear that is not cold to the eyes and that claims it. Not the one who looks at you and stares at you, but rather the one who hands you when you need it. A streetwear as comfortable in town as in the wilderness, wrinkling the bitumen or a big wave. Like a chameleon that adapts to its environment while revealing its most beautiful colors!

    Paradisien It is the streetwear that claims your origins and the one that represents our differences. This kind of streetwear that looks like us and above all brings us together.

    How to become the master of streetwear?

    First of all concentrate on 4 elements: The sweatshirt, the wide or long line T-shirt, the sneakers and the cap.

    The hoodie is also called "hoodie", is historically related to streetwear, it is necessary to favour the sobriety and the colour united with or without zip. The model Mshikamano And his African mask embroidered in the back will allow you to impose your style in any place.

    Streetwear is a style that is composed to the feeling, combining pieces of different colors, textures and volumes. The cap is an essential accessory!
    Whether it's sunny, raining or selling the streetwear guy has always screwed him on his head, maybe to hide his often neglected cut. At Paradisien we made the choice of sobriety with two models: the CAP Ninakupenda Is sober with its black color and an African mask on the front. The Paradisien cap is beige and consists only of the logo. A simple and efficient style.

    The T-shirt wears long line or ample, favor a size above your ideal size! The Paradisien t-shirt (Kibinadamu, Usafiri & Ackuayi) with their curved cut, combine perfectly with a streetwear style.

    Paradisien, a journey between fashion and the richness of our humanity.

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