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    Agissant sur le continent concerné

    The situation

    An elephant disappears every 15 minutes for its tusks

    Forests are disappearing and savannahs are being reduced due to desertification and the advance of human populations.
    Conflicts erupt between man and animal.
    The poaching resulting from the demand for ivory, which is the major cause of the disappearance of elephants.

    As Romain Gary said in « The Roots of Heaven »: « Africa will lose when it loses elephants.
    How can we talk about progress while we still destroy around us
    the most beautiful and noble manifestations of life? ».


     The association  Save the elephants
    help the various organizations
    and people on the ground in Africa who are committed to saving elephants.
    They collect donations in France and redistribute them to local associations.
    If nothing is done, the elephant will disappear within 20 years according to specialists.
    For this association, it is imperative to safeguard the African elephant and its environment.
    By preserving it, we preserve the ecosystems dependent on it
    and at the end of the chain we save ourselves.

    The mission

    Through sponsorship of orphaned elephants and donations,
    The association helps African countries that have elephant conservation projects.
    In this way, it helps to rescue elephants, treat them and reintroduce them to their wild environment,
    to provide equipment for guards and anti-poaching teams, as well as veterinary teams.

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